THC Legal Bonus

What is THC Legal Bonus?

The consultation bonus system was born in THC Abogados, with the aim that any person, businessman or group that needs it can access in a simple and affordable way to useful information for the resolution of doubts in legal matters that concern the subscribers.

The THC Legal Bonus is annual and allows 5 telephone consultations on matters related to:

Penalty fees
Cannabis Smoking Clubs
Whether in criminal, administrative, commercial or fiscal matters.

How does it work?

At the moment that the THC Legal Bonus is hired, the client receives a code that will allow him to identify himself and be attended immediately.

With this bonus you will have:

5 legal consultations per year
Specialized lawyers in Cannabis sector
10% discount on other contracted services

How do I buy it?

Directly calling THC Abogados, the phone number is: 91 548 26 99. If it runs out, you can renew it at any time.

LEGAL BONUS THC: 30 € * (annual single payment)

* I.V.A. not included

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