Seed Banks

A Seed Bank assumes legal exploitation of the seeds, using the advantage of Spain in legality provided that the seeds have less than 0.27% of THC, compared to other foreign laws that do not allow cultivating them. This fact positions Spain as a privileged place for the implementation of this type of business, since the projection is national and international.

General information

THC Abogados is the right partner to start any business project in this sector. We have the experience and knowledge to streamline any legal process or procedure and guide you to constitute your company, being the legal form an association.

You will need to create a plantation and an appropriate business structure for its development. In this case we can advise you in an integral way:

Realization of a business plan
Search for funding
Tax and accounting advice
Human resources management
Cultivation: organization of planting, exploitation and daily management
Our experience in the sector and our collaboration with professionals of different specialties of the industry allows us to advise you from the search of providers and possible clients to make your Seed Bank a reality.


Legal Constitution and Management

At THC Abogados we study your case in a personalized way and we advise you to choose the most appropriate option to your needs and to start the creation of your seed bank. We have the experience and knowledge to streamline any process or procedure.

Our services are:

High in the self-employed regime
Creation of society
Creation of association
We entirely manage all the procedures from the constitution to the start up of the business. Turnkey project.

Legal Advice

As added value, and sensitized with the cannabis cause, THC Abogados will advise you on any legal question or doubt without making you feel uncomfortable. We will give you confidence, security and specialized knowledge in the sector.

Import and export

The international projection of the business is immense. The privilege of the Spanish legislation allows to consider the export in a little international competition. The biggest problem you will find is the processing between the different international legislations. You must know them perfectly to avoid incurring in any crime, for which you will have our advice and guidance, as THC Abogados has extensive knowledge in international legislation on cannabis, and also we have made agreements with offices in many countries.

Our services are:

Advice in legislation of other countries.
Customs formalities.
International contacts.
Export optimization consultancy.
Local legal support in other countries.

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