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The use of cannabis (as long as it is not consumption or possession) is not a crime. In Spain selling and buying seeds is legal. However, to germinate is illegal.

A Grow Shop could be a successful business option if you have the right knowledge and advice. THC Abogados provides you and facilitates the creation of your company or association.

General information

Nowadays the Spanish legislation allows the creation of a grow shop. This kind of businesses are proliferating in Spain and they are enjoying a very good health.

The possibilities of this type of business are wide and among them we suggest you the following:

Business with very controlled risk levels.
Reduced initial investment.
It enables a quick and easy return on the initial investment.
Monthly controlled costs.


Economic viability plan

To start a business project, not only requires ideas, but also to study the feasibility of them. The development of a previous business plan is essential to make your project profitable in the shortest time, we provide you with specialized advice and services to get it.

In order to calculate the viability of your project, we have the support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in the sector.

Legal Constitution

In THC Abogados we study your case in a personalized way and we advise you to choose the  most appropriate option to your needs and to start the creation of your grow shop. We have the experience and knowledge to streamline any process or process.

The solutions can be:

High in the self-employed regime
Creation of a society
Creation of an association
We entirely manage all the procedures from the constitution to the start up of the business. Turnkey project.

Legal Advice

We advise you in any legal question or doubt, our contribution is the confidence and the security of the specialized knowledge in the sector.

Fiscal, accounting and human resources management

A grow shop like any other company or association needs a business structure suitable for its development. THC Abogados will advise you in a comprehensive way, with the added value of the experience in this type of business:

We can provide advice on:

Assistance in the information and management of their tax and social security obligations
Accounting management
Human resources management advice: optimization of the staff structure and performance of each person in his job.

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